A dilemma (temporarily) resolved

In my previous post I posed the question as to what software I should use to develop learning objects in this time of Flash and iPad incompatability. I also began a thread on the NOVICE site, a discussion forum for veterinary-related issues, which drew some very interesting and informative comments. Thanks so much to those who replied As I suspected there was no clear answer but people were very generous with offering suggestions. Options mentioned included:

Xerte – an open source eLearning tool from the University of Nottingham

CASUS – a case-based, multimedia learning and authoring system

Flash to HTML5 converters such as Wallaby, which is in development from Adobe, and iSwifter, an iPad app

Powerpoint – no explanation required

I’ve decided for the moment to go with the grandfather among these – Powerpoint. I was surprised and pleased that others agree with me that it is a worthwhile option. It’s often derided because it is certainly has been the vehicle for some boring presentations (I’m sure you’ve all suffered Death by Powerpoint on more than one occasion) but it has some excellent features for creating eLearning. Chief amongst them are the ability to branch to any slide or to an external resource and the capacity to create some simple animations.

As a more permanent solution I would like to have a close look at Articulate Storyline, which should be released soon, although the date for that happening has slipped significantly so I’m not holding my breath. It will output to HTML5, thus negating the Flash issue and the feedback from the Beta testers has been positive.

In the meantime I’ll continue to develop the learning objects in Powerpoint safe in the knowledge that all the students will be able to access them.

Edit: The day after this post was published Storyline was released. I plan to complete one of my learning objects in the next week and try it out in Storyline using the 30 day trial. I’ll write an assessment when it is complete.


About rebekahmcbrown

I am a veterinarian with a special interest in instructional design and developing eLearning in the veterinary and medical areas. I write teaching materials for both face-to-face and online learning as well as writing and editing articles.
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